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Shields of Justice Push Back Roin'esh

Dr.Immortal, Feb 6, 13 1:18 PM.
On 2/3/13 the Shields of Justice came together to take on the aliens known as the Roin'esh, in an adventure known as "Whiteout".

The team, consisting of CyborgShadowNinja, Ballista, Chaos Evolved, Seraphim and HeavenlyDeath were called to Canada to investigate the loss of signal in Steelhead's communication system. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, an alien space craft crashed into the snow.
After freeing several survivors, the SoJ were clued in on aliens shape shifting into soldiers at Ice Station Alpaca. After interviewing several of the survivors at the station, the SoJ rid the area of the alien infestation.

However, the team then had to go rescue several Steelhead troops that had been captured by the aliens at the downed space craft. Once the troops were rescued, they needed to be protected by the SoJ while they set up a defensive shield around the alien transport. At that very moment another alient ship soared in and hovered above the heroes, teleporting thousands of Roin'esh to the ground. This was a long hard battle, but eventually the SoJ would proove to be victorious.
The heroes turned the alien teleporters against the invaders and teleported up to the hovering UFO where they engaged in battle with the super-villain Cyberlord. Cyberlord was not alone, however, as Ballista's arch nemesis Funhouse was apparently invited to the party. This did not deter the Heroes however, and they defeated both Cyberlord and Funhouse.
It was then time to bring the fight to the Roin'esh, but to the heroes surprise the alien threat was coming from within Steelhead's secret vault. The SoJ fought through hordes of aliens and squaring off against a giant sasquach before pursuing the aliens through an icy cave. Eventually the heroes hitched a ride on a fleeing alien spacecraft that had been buried in the mountains.
Once aboard, the SoJ pushed through the Roin'esh, eventually squaring off against the Roin'esh general. The shape shifting alien gave it his best shot, shape shifting multiple times, but even his final form, a monstrosity of tentacles and slime, fell short of taking out the SoJ.
Having defeated the invading Roin'esh it would appear the heroes have saved the world.... for now.

Shiled of Justice Beat "Aftershock" Adventure Pack

Dr.Immortal, Feb 6, 13 1:17 PM.
On 1/26/2013 a group of heroes joined together in Millenium City to become "The Shields of Justice". Former members of Paragon City's "The Justice Force" the newly formed SG hit hard against demon's from other worlds hell bent on devouring earth. The members of The Shields of Justice (Dr. Immortal, Tazmuria, Purple Kitten, Cyborg Shadow Ninja, and BHunter) rose to the challenge, defeating the otherworldly Kings of Edom and saving the planet from utter destruction.

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